Testnet Setup

StratoVM Testnet

Note: The gas token for the StratoVM Testnet is $BTC, which means you'll need to hold a small amount of BTC in your wallet to pay for gas fees when interacting with the network.

Official StratoVM WBTC Contract Address 0x45d4Dc6f67A292d40E1bF78F577ef73F301315A3

Developing on StratoVM will require you to install a wallet and a development environment. StartoVM is designed to be completely compatible with Ethereum. Because of that, it works with MetaMask right out of the box.

To interact with StratoVM, you'll need to download browser EVM compatable wallet and manually add StratoVM Network .

Recommended wallets

  • StartoVM is compatible with other EVM wallets

  1. Open your wallet application and navigate to the "Add Network" or "Custom RPC" section.

  2. Enter the following details for the StratoVM Testnet:

  3. Click "Save" or "Add Network" to add the StratoVM Testnet to your wallet.

  4. Once added, you can switch to the StratoVM Testnet network within your wallet.

  5. To get test tokens for the StratoVM Testnet, you can complete the faucet campaign at https://app.galxe.com/quest/X8QrV4cqcjYssXZ2EpS6va/GCdtztd8zf

  6. After completing the faucet campaign and getting access to the discord faucet channel you should receive test tokens in your wallet's StratoVM Testnet account.

  7. You can now interact with the Testnet using your wallet. The block explorer for the StratoVM Testnet is available at https://bitcoin-l2-349313-testnet.tc.l2aas.com

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